GEID 2000 - Захарни изделия

About Us

The beginning of the company dates back only few years after the consolidation of democracy in Bulgaria. In 1995 in a village near Pazardzhik, doors opened a small shop with big ambitions. Chernogorovo can be regarded as the birthplace of the company, but shortly after, the great interest from distributors in Plovdiv required moving closer to the city of seven hills. Home of the company until today became Tsaratsovo village, known for its excellent infrastructure and location for the development of any productive activity. Thus, in a room for rent, the small workshop began to grow, expand and rise in the eyes of distributors, driven by the interests of consumers. Over the years, notably rising exigence of these products to consumers, worthy to be bought by them, required from GEYD 2000 to satisfy every fad, if the company wishes to climb on top of the Bulgarian market. The use of quality ingredients, enhanced control of production and a system of production control HACCP are part of the actions the company takes to reach top positions. With logo GEID, the company ensures that products are safe for consumption, comply with all requirements and meet the high standard of quality.

But now even this workshop appears not to be large enough to maintain the pace of work. In 2005, again in the village Tsaratsovo rises new modern production facility, meeting all regulations of the European and the Bulgarian legislation. There, thanks to prudent management policy of the company, the wide range of products and their high quality, GEYD 2000 and began looking beyond the borders of Bulgaria. Countries like Romania, Greece and Turkey are already present on the distribution map. Continuous expansion of the market and the growing number of satisfied clients is not only a company goal, but also recognition and satisfaction from the hard work.

Trademarks of the company are DESI / DESSY / and ICE MAGIC that of 2008 passes into ICE POPS, and in 2008 a fact became the purchase of the famous LEADER BRAND, giving strong impetus and confidence of the company. Because of this, she enters a fierce battle for the title Number 1 the Bulgarian market.

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