GEID 2000 - Захарни изделия

Fun ideas

Ideas for Dessy Juice

Idea 1 - Delicious ice

Pour your favorite “Dessy” juice flavors in ice cube trays. Put in the freezer and behold your color and a delicious ice! Hey, not so fast ... give the ice some time to freeze!

Idea 2 - For chefs

“Dessy” juices are very tasty, right? You can also make your own taste by mixing different flavors. If you think of something good will let us know?

Idea 3 – The water battle

Do not throw away the empty “Dessy” Juices right away. Rinse them well inside and only fill them with water. Squeeze tightly and let the battle begin! Just be careful not to catch cold!

Ideas for Ice Pops

Idea 1 - Smoothie

Insert 2 “Ice Pops”, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream 1 / 2 cup milk and add your favorite fresh fruit in a blender to create your own home smoothie.

Idea 2 – On a picnic

Going on a picnic ? Use “Ice Pops” instead of ice to keep the cooler cold. No melted water, and when it’s time for dessert, you know what to do of course!

Idea 3 - For Athletes

“Ice Pops” can help if, after celebrating the winning goal you injure youself. If tripped during a cross in the park or the badminton is more than you expected. Whatever the problem, simply imposed “Ice Pops” on the place, and it will act as a compress. Why not take it with you next time?

Idea 4 - Cool your drink !

Every time you put ice in your cup with fresh, but warm juice you dilute it. As ice melts, it mixes with the remaining liquid. What if you put in “Ice Pops” instead of ice???

Ideas for Jelly Juice

Idea 1 - Fruit jelly

Pour the contents of “Jelly Juice” in a glass. Transparent would be best. Add slices of fresh fruit, satisfying the taste of jelly and you will enjoy the unique taste.

Idea 2 - Ice or gel ?

Surprise your friends with unprecedented ice. Empty Jelly Juice into your ice cube tray, than put the tray in the freezer. Now a little patience.

Delicious recipes

150 grams. Leader Brand Choco
150 grams. Leader Brand with fruit filling
2 or 3 teaspoons butter
cocoa taste
60 g fresh milk
coconut for sprinkling
chocolate sticks for sprinkling


  1. Mix the two types of biscuits Leader Brand. Put them in a plastic bag and crush them.
  2. Put Leader Brand broken biscuits in a large bowl. Add melted butter, milk and cocoa. Stir well.
  3. Shape the mixture of small balls. Half rolled in coconut and the other half - in chocolate sticks.
  4. Serve well chilled.